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Exagon Furtive E-GT
Oddball name, big performance claims for French prototype

Another day, another electric car. This time it's the turn of the oddly named Exagon Furtive e-GT to take a bow.

Due to hit the world stage at the Paris motor show later this week, the Furtive (we have to suppress a giggle every time we read that, too) is a electric coupe with Aston-esque lines and a pair of Siemens motors that help it to develop 340 horsepower.

Exagon reckons that, as a result, the Furtive can hit 62mph in a Tesla-baiting 3.5secs and will top out at 186mph. And although those figures might sound as if they've been plucked from the box marked 'pure fantasy', Exagon has electric performance car pedigree - it made the eight electric ice racers for the Trophée Andros Electrique.

Exagon also reckons its new concept can muster a range of 400km, which can be doubled to 800km with a 'range-extender' petrol engine that recharges the batteries on the go.

The Furtive could be on sale as early as 2012, apparently. And the price? Exagon isn't saying, but count on the word 'expensive' figuring strongly...

source: pistonheads

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