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Renault's new DeZir

Renault's DeZir can go from 0-62mph in five seconds and has a top speed of 112mph.

Its lithium-ion battery is located behind the benchseat and lasts for 100 miles before it needs charging.

The battery takes 20 minutes to reach an 80% capacity and can even be plugged into a normal power socket.

The concept car was created by a team led by designer Laurens van den Acker and has a dashboard with touch screen technology which allows the driver to keep up to date with the amount of energy used.

The two seater coupe has 21 inch wheels and the interior is upholstered in white leather with a red trim.

To keep the car's weight as low as possible, the body is made from Kevlar and the steel frame is similar to the one in the M├ęgane Trophy race car.

There's no back window, so two rear-facing cameras give the driver a panoramic view of what's going on behind the car.

The all-electric bulletproof car will make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show which runs from 2-17 October.

It's not expected to be turned into a production model, though some of the work could feature in future Renaults.

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