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Honda Hybrid
According to a slew of new rumors Honda is considering several options of how to expand its product lineup while focusing on both sports cars and hybrids – or should we say sports cars that are hybrids.

Sources tell the team at Road & Track that one model under consideration is a convertible version of the Honda CR-Z, with a lighter curb weight and more powerful hybrid powertrain. Despite being a front-driver, the crop-top CR-Z would compete against cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata. And while that sounds like a long shot, remember, MINI’s upcoming Roadster model is also targeted at the Miata and will be front-wheel drive.

If the project gets the green light, and if it’s a sales success then Honda wants to build a followup model, but with serious power (possibly using a hybrid drivetrain) and a proper rear-drive layout.

But before any of this, one has to think the first step for Honda would be to deliver a more powerful version of the CR-Z.

SOURCE: Road & Track

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