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Nissan Renault

Nissan Renault has announced that by the year 2020, 10% of their sales will constitute electric vehicles. This was revealed by Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Renault Mr. Carlos Ghosn. At present the company sells Nissan Leaf as their electric vehicle which has seen 11,000 sales across the US while there have been 27,000 across the globe.

Fed up with the rate at which fuel prices are rising it is obvious that prospective buyers will consider purchase of electric vehicles in the future. Though this idea is still in its infancy, rising awareness and improved infrastructure will go a long way in increasing the number of electric vehicles seen on the roads in the not too distant future.

Affordability is a primary issue that will attract buyers to electric cars. For this purpose Nissan Renault will be launching a new Leaf campaign which is sure to appeal to buyers. The company is also planning local production of Leaf in the US and England to help them in achieving this goal by 2020.

source: rushlane

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