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In an official statement issued by Nissan Motor's Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn it has been shared that looking at the current trend; it is very much possible that the consumer demand for electric vehicles might exceed the initial goal for America set by President Barack Obama, which stands at having atleast 1 million plug-in models around by 2015.

After a 22 day US tour undertaken by Nissan to acquaint the consumers with its upcoming battery powered Leaf, a prototype of which was displayed in all major US cities, the company is convinced that the response in the country will be much better than what was initially hoped for.

"There is absolutely no reason that you will not have much more than 1 million cars in the U.S. before 2015”, Ghosn said at a briefing in Los Angeles.

Nissan is not claiming that Leaf is "the first electric car", but it does claim that it is the first "affordable electric car". Although the official price figure has not been shared yet, Ghosn has asserted that it will not anymore than a slight 2% more expensive than the normal gasoline powered cars. In times when oil prices are rising, and will keep rising as the economy gains a firm hold again, electric cars will be an overly appealing product for US consumers, believes Nissan.

source: topnews.net.nz

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