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aston martin DB9

FEW cars reach iconic status, but Aston Martin has achieved at least two. The much over-used term applies to two of the British sports car company productions, the DB5 (say James Bond and the silver-blue ejector-seat equipped car immediately comes to mind) and the DB9, the most recent “Bond” car.

Now after 13 years of the marque, Aston Martin has, in effect, improved on the perfect by launching the DB9 13MY sports GT.

The changes are not simply cosmetic, but arise from the ongoing engineering development that is a core value of the company.

This DB9 sports the new generation AM11 V12 engine, taking some of the ‘Gen4’ VH architecture hardware technology developed for Aston Martin’s forthcoming all-new super GT, the Vanquish. It has however been tuned to suit the character of DB9. The result is an engine with effortless torque of up to 620 Nm and peak power of 517 PS — significantly higher than the outgoing DB9.

Key features of the AM11 unit include a revised block, new head —including dual variable valve timing, enlarged throttle bodies, uprated fuel pump, revised intake manifold and machined combustion chambers.

To tame the rush to warp speed from the engine, the braking system now uses as standard Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) discs and calipers supplied by acknowledged global brake experts Brembo. The new carbon brakes provide the confidence and reassurance of reduced brake fade when pressing the car to its sports capability.
Custom-pack options include carbon-fiber trims on the outside and weight reducing seat and other structure internally.

And luxury, mainly in the form of glass “jewel” switches, the driver-perfect instrument layout and breathtakingly form hugging seats in handcrafted leather — keep Aston Martins reputation as a ‘gentleman’s touring and sports car’ right up to the mark.

It will surely take over the icon status vacated by the DB9 and become another success for the 100-year old company.

source: arabnews

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