Monday, June 25, 2012

Ford to reckon route guiding map in their future cars

ford focus

American automaker Ford recently announced that they are soon going to fix a route guiding map in all of their cars. Company also announced this thing in the last year also, but due to some issues they were not able to bring this plan into action.

Giving more information on the work, the company told that they will surely start work on this by the end of this year.

When ford was asked whether they will launch the cars loaded with route guiding maps in US only or all other countries also, they said that they have a plan to launch this technique in their cars all over the world, however this route guide maps will first be introduced in America.

According to company, they have conducted a survey that how many people use the guide maps while driving, the result of this surveys says that more than 60 percent of people follow guide maps, so this is one of the leading reason that why company is implementing on this plan. Company told that this will bring large number of benefits for the drivers and this includes safety, saving time, learning of routes etc.

According to company, their route guiding map will be available in all of their cars and possibly as soon as possible. Company also told that their guide map not just indicates the easiest route to reach the destination, but it also give other useful information to the drivers which includes the temperature of the destination and present location, weather conditions of the present location and place to be visited etc.
CEO of Ford told that this route guiding map will help people in one of the best way so that everyone can understand it very easily.

Recently a news was published on a American news channel that says that company is considering route guiding maps in their cars just because of the reason that similar factor is considered by all the competitors of Ford, on the other hand company said that they are not doing it just because their competitors are doing so. In fact the company has directly told in a press conference last week that they were the first who plan to start work on route guiding map in the cars during last years.

Lot of news published in large number of newspapers in America says that this feature will surely help Ford to hike the sales of their cars all over the world. According to a news, this makes it easy for the driver to know the unfamiliar roads properly.

Company said that their navigational system works through a satellite and also gives early warning to the drivers in case the roads above are closed or any kind of maintenance is going there.

Company has already tested this feature and according to them, this feature has shown outstanding results, so they have decided to go for it. Company will not hike the price of their cars after loading their cars with this feature.

source: auto-types