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Vauxhall Ampera

The upcoming Geneva Motor Show has awarded today the car of the year trophy to the extraordinary, exclusive and the most high-tech car Vauxhall Ampera that fulfills the demand for the third generation. This car was eagerly awaited for its tremendous victory and surely this car deserves this award. This car is powered by the Hybrid technology that uses batteries and petrol both modes for the purpose of driving.

This new model has got the most demand and also it is used as a cop car that chases the suspected car on remarkable zero engine voice. This new model has got the high point from other of those cars that have been nominated for this trophy. This car has got unbeatable 330 points which shows the exclusiveness of this car.

The VWs Up is considered to be the runner up with having 281 points, Ford Focus with 256 points, Land Rover Envoque with 176, Panda got 154 points, Citroen DS4 with 144 and Toyota Yaris with 122 points. By viewing the point table, it seems that no other car have such competitive features to fight with this Vauxhall Ampera car. This car tremendously won this new 2012’s battle.
Opel Vauxhall Ampera 2012
Some of the unique specifications that makes this car as the winner:
This car uses Hybrid technology power engine that uses high power lithium ion batteries with long standby time and some other cutting edge technologies used in this car.

The car has got exclusive sporty design that adds some aggressiveness in this new electric car. Talking about its engine power, this car is powered by 1.4 Litre petrol based engine, the choice remains to you to whether drive on the electronic mode by using lithium ion batteries or on petrol mode. Further more, this Hybrid designed car will automatically be converted into the petrol mode if the charging of the batteries ran out.
By using both modes, this car can cover the distance of 350 miles out of which 50 miles on the electric mode. This feature of Ampera makes it different from other.

This electric car is speedy enough that can obtain the speed of 0 to 62mph just in 9.1 seconds with the top speed of maximum 100mph.

Talking about some of its high-tech tools, this car is installed with digital cameras that cover the all four surroundings from exterior and off course the navigation console screen too. This car has got the stylish black dashboard design that adds beauty to the new Ampera.

According to Steve Cropley, a jury member for choosing best car for the trophy, he compared this new technology revolution used by the new Ampera with the revolution made by JWC mini concept car. Further he added as this car as eminent that deserves this award and Ampera had to win.

Vauxhall who are recently facing the challenges to fight with the bankruptcy had got the best relief now as their car is awarded with the European car of the year trophy (COTY) in Geneva Motor Show. This opportunity will definitely help them to overcome such problems.

source: auto-types

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