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jaguar- xf

According to recent news, Jaguar owned by Tata Motors of India is planning to set up a new engine manufacturing plant in the UK. This plant is rumoured to produce a complete new six cylinder engine which will be fitted in the XF sedan, and also probably in the XJ flagship sedan and XE sports car later on.

At present, Jaguar only offers the 5.0 litre V8 engine for all its models in the US market, and some fitted with superchargers. The naturally aspirated base engine delivers 385hp and the R variant of this engine with superchargers delivers up to 510 hp. Thus, Jaguar intends for a new entry level engine somewhere in between the above power range.

The performance of the current 3.0 litre V6 engine fitted in the X-type and S-type sedans is not too alluring and Jaguar intends to deliver a new level of performance in this new engine. This new powerhouse is expected to deliver a little more than 300 hp thus competing with the likes of similar engines offered by Audi, BMW and Mercedes –Benz. It will be coupled with an 8-speed transmission and will also feature advanced direct injection and possibly forced induction system. With this high technological advancement, this engine is expected to be fuel efficient with economy somewhere within the 20-30 mpg range.

The development of this engine is still in the early stages and therefore not expected to hit the market before 2013-2014. This engine is also expected to initiate a lower entry price for the XF sedan in the US market.

source: MotorAuthority

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