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Yesterday Subaru released the first picture of the BRZ STI Concept and kinda killed all the excitement we had for the Toyota FT-86.

Subaru BRZ sports concept is set to debut at the 2011 Los Angeles motor show.

Here we have some new pictures of the BRZ and also new leaked details on the car’s specs. The new sports car features a 2.0 liter naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder boxer engine with direct injection fuel system which makes it environmentally friendly, to some extent.

We had reports earlier that the BRZ will be more powerful than the FT-86. Now based on the leaked info it turns out the car is indeed more powerful than its sibling, but not by much.

The Subaru’s boxer engine churns out 213 hp and 230 Nm of torque.

So it’s not fast. 0 to 100 km/h acceleration will take something like 6 seconds, and it will only do 225 km/h. Not good. But because it comes with fancy stuff such as STI-tuned suspension, Brembo brakes and 18-inch wheels and tires, it is going to have a rather fat price tag of around 30,000 EUR.

source: motorward

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