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What car do you drive? The people carrier you didn’t really want but needed for the kids, or the diesel saloon that you bought because it means you can do that weekly work trip to Manchester on half a tank of fuel? It is a sad fact of life that, for most of us at least, the type of car we drive is based more on the running costs, practicality and the chance of saving some money on your car insurance than it is on driving what we actually want.

So what happens to those for whom money is no object? What do those don’t know or care what petrol costs per litre, who don’t have to use moneysupermarket for car insurance, and are free to let their automotive fantasies play out?

When it was released, nobody ever thought that Toyota’s Prius would be the car of choice for so many celebrities; a car powered by a hybrid of electricity for around town driving and petrol for the open road doesn’t sound exactly glamorous. However, many celebrities have been particularly vocal in their support of eco-friendly causes, and as such it’s of little surprise that so many of these people now drive Toyota’s green runaround. Julia Roberts, America Ferrara and Leonardo DiCaprio are amongst those seen driving them recently; Celebrities who are more concerned about the world than their image (Or so they’d have you believe).

toyota pirus
Toyota Prius


Ja Rule, Wyclef Jean, Xzibit – All of these men have been seen out in Ferraris, Lamborghinis or Paganis – And all share common traits. They’ve got money and they don’t care who knows it, after all they are all rappers who’ve made a career out of boasting and showing off, so it should come as no surprise that they drive these ostentatious, hugely impractical vehicles. Boot space be damned, if the car isn’t lime green and doesn’t do 200mph, they ain’t interested.

The Surprises

George Clooney drives a nippy little two-seater; that shouldn’t surprise you. But what if we told you that the car he drove was made by Commuter Cars? If you’re staring at your monitor now thinking “Not the Tango 600, surely?”, then I’m afraid you’re right. It might not be to everybody’s taste, but the Tango can do 0-60 in four seconds, and when you can pick and choose your women like Clooney can, then you can have an opinion.

tango 600
The Tango 600

In a similar vein, Jennifer Love Hewitt has recently bought herself a Smart Car. Again, say what you like about the design of the vehicle, the Smart is a smart (pardon the pun) choice for those who only need to travel short distances in urban areas – it’s small and easy to park, even if it does have looks that polarise opinions.

We couldn’t find any celebrity drivers of the Pontiac Aztec, so I think it’s safe to say that on the whole, the beautiful people we see and read about every day do have some taste, even if people like George Clooney do insist on bucking the trend.

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