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Audi corporate thinking is nothing if not forward-looking and, beyond the upcoming R8 facelift, the Ingolstadt whitecoats are already working on an all-new R8, slated for release in 2014.

Details are, understandably, scarce but, in a recent interview with Automobilwoche, Audi director of engineering Michael Dick said that the second-generation R8 would be the lightest in its class thanks to a very special carbon-fibre and aluminium chassis.

In fact, he said, it would be 100kg lighter than the current R8, and would also have 30 percent better torsional rigidity. He quoted a figure of 40 000Nm per degree - which is better than the Ferrari 458 or the Lamborghini Aventador.

We can't help wondering whether the new R8 will get its carbon-fibre expertise from sister company Lamborghini, which was responsible for a lot of input on the original R8 as well.

And whether it will be motivated by the compact (read lightweight) new twin-turbo V8 which was recently introduced in the S6, S7 and S8.


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