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If you somehow thought Peugeot wasn't serious about promoting its RCZ coupe as a proper sports car, its new one-make racing series should remove all doubt.

Kicking off in 2012, the RCZ Racing Cup Series will star a track-special take on the Audi TT-rivalling coupe, driven by a Magneti Marelli-tuned version of its turbocharged 1.6 litre THP engine.

Power is up from 147kW tp 186kW, and torque has been boosted to 290Nm from 275Nm. There's only a six-speed paddle-shifted sequential automatic on offer here, no manual in sight.

Performance figures haven't been released, but with considerably more power and a weight drop from 1372kg to 1267kg, it's fair to assume this Pug will be a tad quicker than your average RCZ.

Inside, there's lightweight racing seats and a roll cage, while upgraded suspension dampers and AP Racing brakes take care of the handling and collision avoidance.

To compete in the RCZ Racing Cup Series, teams will need to pony up around $70,000 - only a little more than the cost of the road-registered RCZ 200th Anniversary, but you can't drive this one on the road.

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