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A Dutch astronaut has unveiled a new multi-million pound ‘suber bus’ which could revolutionise the way commuters use public transport.

The £11.5 million ‘Superbus’ is an bizarre electric vehicle with six wheels, 16 gullwing doors and transport for 23 passengers.

Its electric motor makes it eco-friendly and thanks to some clever engineering it’s also ‘sports car’ quick – boasting a top speed of 155mph.

The futuristic vehicle is the brainchild of Holland’s first ever astronaut, Wubbo Ockels, who has been working alongside boffins from Delft University of Technology in Holland.

He wanted to create a sustainable form of transport which was fast like a train but flexible like a bus.

The Superbus is now being billed as a potential alternative to both the bus and train and could be used on a normal road or a special public transport highway.

Professor Ockels’ team fitted the bus with an electric motor powered by a lithium polymer battery pack which develops the equivalent of 400bhp – the same as a BMW M3.

They claim the bus, designed by ex-Formula One aerodynamicist Antonia Terzi, can cover 130 miles between battery charges.

Astronaut unveils 155mph 'superbus'

The team have even taken techniques from aviation and space by using radar technology to detect accidents and traffic congestion.

Professor Ockels said: ”Superbus is tomorrow’s answer to gridlock, traffic jams, uncomfortable commutes and a host of other complaints associated with public transport.

”It will appeal to a new target group as a comfortable, fast, and green alternative to cars and high speed trains.

”Travel will be a sensational experience thanks to its smooth suspension, speed, ergonomic interior and personal multimedia equipment in the cabins.”

The £11.5 million concept is currently being showcased in the UAE with plans to have it in production by 2015.

source: swns

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