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Artega Sports Electric Car

German car manufacturing company Artega has unveiled an electric car, the Sports Electric. The Daily Mail has reported that the company claims that the SE (Sports Electric) will give customers the feel and experience of an ultimate green sports car.

The SE has a top speed of 155 mph, 375 HP engine, 16 lithium-ion battery modules, and two electric motors on the rear axle.

The man behind Aston Martin DB9 has designed the SE which is compact in length and is like a limousine in terms of width. This electric car can easily run about 124 miles, approximately 199 kilometers without charge.

Artega spokesman Dr Wolfgang Ziebart stated “Sports car drivers usually have a very dynamic driving style, with frequent acceleration and braking, which is very energy inefficient.”

He added “But electric cars recuperate the energy lost through braking and return it to the battery. In addition, unlike combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles convert the full extent of the engine torque immediately, which makes driving them a completely new, very dynamic experience.”

After 186 miles, the car needs to be charged for 90 minutes but charging this at home will take a little more time.

The Artega Sports Electric was unveiled this year at the Geneva Motor Show and will go into production in the next couple of months.

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