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Honda’s Sports-Car Plan
Acura has confirmed the news that Honda Motors is planning to bring out a new sports car. The company said that the new car will not be a follow up of the NSX. It is widely anticipated that the new vehicle will be a sports model that will meet the needs of the current times and customers.

According to blog.caranddriver, the new sports vehicle from the Japanese automaker is likely to feature a front-engine with all-wheel-drive and a V-6 engine that can be turbocharged or possibly even hybridized. Speculations are made that the vehicle could also be the equivalent of an Acura RL coupe with the dull charm of the Honda CR-Z.

There are rumors in the air about the features and specifications of the new sports vehicle from Honda. Neither the Japanese headquarters nor the Acura America, the American division of Honda, has said anything on when to expect the new sports car or in which concept form the vehicle will hit the roads.

source: nitrobahn

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