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While Kia‘s recent success has a lot to do with the new platforms and engines underneath its products, not to mention the improved quality and low purchase price, the automaker is putting the focus on its dramatic designs. The top man behind Kia’s “design revolution” is Peter Schreyer and so it only makes sense that he has a lot of input into the future of the brand.

That being said, it’s no trivial statement when Schreyer recently told Automotive News that “sooner or later” the brand will get a sports car that will help define Kia and serve as a halo model.

Kia hinted at such a vehicle back in 2007 with the Kee Concept, but since then we’ve heard nothing. In the past Schreyer comment that a Kia sports car based on the Kee Concept would have to be rear-wheel drive and that as there is already a rear-drive platform available to Kia (the Hyundai Genesis Coupe) then such a car us certainly possible.

With the Genesis Coupe already several years old we have to think that at this point Kia is unlikely to get such a rear-drive sports car until after the launch of the second-gen Genesis Coupe.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

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