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Coda Sedan
As the American market for electric cars grows, a new competitor is ready to enter the fray. It's the 2011 Coda Sedan, the opening bid from fledgling Coda Automotive, a company dedicated entirely to building electric cars.

The sedan boasts a range of 120 miles, a top speed of 80 mph (hardly half what the Nemesis electric car can do), and a six hour charge time. As it gets into competition with the big dogs in the room- the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, the Coda Sedan looks unremarkable- from the outside.

GreenCarReports.com reports:

It's a plain, unremarkable four-door sedan, neither offensive nor particularly remarkable. It won't get a tenth the looks of even a Toyota Prius, let alone the Nissan Leaf. But the interior, where drivers spend most of their time, seems to be the crucial selling point for cars these days.

With an 8.4 inch touchscreen monitor, DVD player, iPod dock, and satellite radio, the Coda offers luxury without the guilt of hitting the gas pump. Plus, the interior's plastic is made from recycled plastics, in case your conscience wasn't clear enough.

For the full run-down of what Coda is trying to do, check out their promotional video:

With a proposed price tag of $45,000, it's unclear how Coda will fare against Nissan, which dropped the cost of the Leaf to under $30,000 this year. But even if it's not a revolutionary ride, the Coda will certainly expand the market for electric cars, and help us move towards that utopian, oil-free world.

source: treehugger

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