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Morgan sports car

British car maker Morgan, long known for its quirky, retro sports cars based around wooden frames, is propelling itself into the 21st century with two new sports cars, including a diesel-electric hybrid, a first for the fiercely traditional car maker.

Morgan designer Matt Humphries said that the vehicle would be called the LIFEcar 2 and have a range of more than 1000 miles. Humphries also told Autocar that the second vehicle, which has not yet been named, would be a more extreme sports car. Morgan is set to launch a version of the EvaGT show car that debuted at Pebble Beach last month that will look nearly identical to the concept. “We’ve got a reputation for translating show cars into road cars almost unchanged,” said Humphries. “That’s our plan for the EvaGT. It needs a high-level brake light at the rear, but that’s about all.”

Previous Morgan cars have been powered by antiquated powerplants and are known for their arcane driving experience, as well as the decades long waiting lists for these exclusive sports cars.

Source: Autocar

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