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Porsche electric car

According to an official announcement made recently, Porsche, the famed German manufacturer of sports cars, will focusing towards producing all electric cars. The company believes the new electric drive will “take on an increasingly important role in the further enhancement of Porsche Intelligent Performance”.

Porsche officially confirmed that the company is at present researching on future electric cars. The research involves three cars with all-electric drive. The three research cars, based on the Porsche Boxster, are expected to supply an initial first all important insight with respect to new electric drive components including the battery systems. This insight would be used in all-electric vehicle drive bythe company’s engineering and design division.

This official confirmation from Porsche, however, is not the first of kind as several rumors already revealed the company is researching all-electric cars. Moreover, RUF, a very long-familiar German auto tuning company, has already unwrapped its electric Porsche to the world.

Notably the German manufacturer has already unwrapped 918 Spyder, a high performance mid-engine sports car earlier. The 918 Spyder exploits plug-in hybrid combining high-tech breakthroughs in the car engine technology and electro-mobility. The sports car churns out a total of over 600 hp of peak power output while reducing the total fuel consumption to a meager three liters per 100 km in the NEDC. This equates to about 94.1 mpg. The CO2 emission level is also as low as just 70 g/km.

Another evidence of futuristic electric cars comes in the form of Porsche’s 911 GT3 Hybrid. The sports car is rolled out with two 60 kW electric motors delivering a total of 82 hp attached to the front axle. The two electric motors add to the performance of the 480 hp six-cylinder power unit installed at the rear end of the sport sedan.

On top of it, Porsche also has another hybrid car, the Cayenne S Hybrid, which is currently the next in the line of succession. The Cayenne S Hybrid is rolled out with a petrol engine in conjunction with an electric motor. The petrol engine and electric motor together produce a total output of 380 hp. The fuel consumption is, however, is a meager 8.2 liter for every 100 km which equates to about 34.5 mpg. Additionally Porsche has also officially declared its plans for the Panamera S Hybrid for 2011.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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