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Your handy car helper has arrived for the iPhone and iPod Touch and it works great! Car Care has tons of cars that work and is a great way to track your vehicle’s gas mileage and to be alerted when your car needs service!


Car Care is a handy tool to have on your iPhone at all times. It tracks many useful things about your vehicle which can help you figure things out about your vehicle.

The process to finding all of these things is easy and takes up no time compared to the results given. All you have to do is pick your vehicle from the long list provided and start inputting data! You can set a picture for your car too to make it easy for you to distinguish it from others if you have a long list.

Once you have chosen your car, you can find the gas mileage by filling out a few blank spaces. The main ones include the price per gallon, what type of fuel you are filling, how many gallons you are filling (cost for that fill will then be displayed), and the current odometer reading for your car. You can then click “save” and your data will be saved. Once you have inputted your second gas fill, the app will be able to calculate the MPG. Easy, right?

You can also be notified of upcoming car services by also filling out just a few things. 10 different service options can be picked and then you will be notified when the app thinks it is the right time for that service to be done.

All of your data can be displayed in graphs, where your entries were made can be shown on a map, and you can see all of your vehicle stats in one full page of pure data! What more could you ask for from an app?

Everything is pretty much done for you with Car Care. It’s simple to use, great for car care situations, and is portable with its small file size on the iPhone or iPod Touch!


Car Care is one of the best and useful pocket utilities for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has a user friendly interface, displays accurate and handy information, and is a great way to keep track of your car’s MPG and service!

source: appmodo

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