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New mass-market sedan from Tesla

California automaker Tesla burst on the market with an all-electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster, in early 2010. But with base prices of $101,500 in the US, £86,950 in the UK and €84,000 in continental Europe, few budget-minded aspiring green drivers can afford the EV hotrod.

Now plans to sell a more moderately priced family car, or sedan (aka saloon car in the UK) called the Tesla Model S are pricking up ears. The base price of $49,900 in the US – after a federal tax credit of $7,500 – is still pretty steep, but it’s under half of the Roadster’s price tag and designed to appeal to a mass market.

The Model S is sleek and attractive and promises to be a green status symbol for upper middle class drivers who are sick of paying at the pump. It is set to go on the market in 2012.

source: greenfudge.org

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