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When thinking about buying a new vehicle, most of the time you mainly think about price, but there are many other things to understand before you buy. Insurance cost is something that needs to be considered as well. Normally the rule is, the less you spend on the vehicle, the cheaper it will be to insure it, but it doesn’t end there.

Little Known Facts About Insurance

If you buy domestic, you generally can come out with less expense than with a foreign model, and a four door car is less expensive than a two. Also, four cylinder engines are less expensive than vehicles that have more powerful motors. More horsepower equals more speed to insurance companies. You must also consider repair costs. Expensive cars cost more to repair or replace because of aluminum body parts as opposed to those made with sheet metal. And let’s not forget about those tiny sports cars that will most likely be totaled in an accident, or their heavier counterpart the SUV, because of the damage they cause. Age of the driver is an important factor, along with your driving record. All of these things can contribute to the raising of your premiums.

Here are just a few of the cheapest cars to insure. The Kia Sportage, Saturn, Mazda Tribute, Ford Focus, and the Buick Rendezvous. They vary at an average of $900.00 annually. Now finally some good news.

Tips On Keeping Your Premiums Low

Everyone is required to carry insurance, but according to your state you reside in can vary on what level you are required to have. Most folks do not realize that in some states you are not required to have Liability, BUT you must show proof that you have the money to back up the cost of repairs if you are at fault. Sometimes your state does not require you to have Collision, and although I don’t recommend not having it, if you have an inexpensive vehicle, in some cases it may be to your advantage to not get it, thereby cutting your premiums drastically.

Claiming for car accident compensation can be a lengthy and expensive process; make sure you get the best possible advice before you set off down this road.

source: youronlineinsurance

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