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General Motors has announced that it will spend $246 million to launch electric motor production in 2013 at a factory in Baltimore, becoming the first large U.S. automaker to build its own electric motors for hybrids and battery-powered vehicles, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Some reports say 200 jobs will be created - fantastic news for our still struggling economy. From my perspective, it's also great to hear that American automakers are moving forward with the electric car concept. The old, gas-guzzling model of car manufacturing and use has to end, for plenty of reasons that aren't just environmental. Our country simply has to begin to ween itself off its dependence on foreign oil.

The Baltimore plant will build motors for a new version of GM's two-mode hybrid system destined for pickups, SUVs and rear-wheel drive cars, according the Free Press story. The current system can only be used in trucks because of its size and weight, and has been a slow seller.

The fact that GM chose Baltimore to make these engines is tremendous. I'll be anxiously awaiting this new generation of electric and hybrid cars.

source: baltimore

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