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We like it when GPS is feeding us information, telling us when traffic is causing a problem and indicating when a bridge is out so that we can warm up our voices ahead of all the hootin' and a hollerin' required for our General Lee replica to clear the gap.

However, we're not too keen on the All-Seeing Eye aspect of GPS, and that's what we're fearing in Ford's latest research. The company gave a $120,000 grant to the Auburn University's GPS and Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory to look into using GPS for accident prevention, and while results won't be unveiled until later this week, descriptions of "an early warning system that detects when a vehicle is about to lose control" and then tweaks vehicle traction and stability control settings based on the speed of the car and the severity of upcoming bends sounds a half-step away from the auto-braking assist in Gran Turismo. Or, perhaps that's just Ford-speak for an Aspid-like system for optimizing suspension based on road twistiness.

Given that Ford no longer makes a car designed for going around corners quickly, we find that unlikely.

source: engadget

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