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Les Edgar and his investors could be called a bunch of hopefuls in thinking that they can bring back the iconic British sports car brand TVR, a company which never exuded financial stability, under any of its former ownerships.

However, since the name does genuinely mean something to automotive fans, and they don't plan to change much in bringing their cars back onto the radar, it may very well just work out.

TVR, a company that got its name by dropping the vowels from its creator’s first name, had been split up into multiple distinct entities by 2006 and its owner at the time, Nikolay Smolensky, who tried to restart production in 2007, but failed to do so, ultimately announcing the sale to Edgar. Now, the new TVR boss has been interviewed by Autocar, which asked questions about the brand's future.

Compressed into much fewer words, he is saying that pricing will be kept on familiar levels, the philosophy will also be left untouched, and even old names could be resurrected. Regarding the appearance of new models, Edgar explained that they could have an updated version of the old Sagaris on the road again within one year, while an all-new model would take them twice that.

Even the choice of “closest rival” sounds right, the answer being “a secondhand Aston Martin: fast, great-looking, front-engined, British.” Thus, we’re looking forward to their 2015 two-model range with interest, as well as additional news which are bound to be made very public during these new cars’ development, as this is after all, the revival of an old brand – people (and YouTube) will hear about this.

By Andrei Nedelea
Editor's note: In the meantime, you can refresh your memory on TVR's past through a photo gallery and some interesting video reviews of the brand's cars from none other than Top Gear UK.

source: carscoop

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