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Classic cars are the most expensive types because they are rarely found. Vintage cars such as Rolls-Royce Phantom III and Volkswagen Beetle are just some of the few car models which are usually seen in good running condition. Most of the classic car models are already in their modified versions if not in their repaired types. However, these cars are considered as one of the most luxurious models to be sold in any automobile market. Celebrities and public figures are often seen in televisions riding in their own, priceless vintage cars- original or modified. This has been a status for their reputation.

Fasten your seat belts and start up your engines as we are about to chase through the world of luxurious vehicles. This time neither speed nor strength will be measured, for the main criterion of this race is popularity of classic cars. We will be able to determine the bestselling classic cars.

Popular Class Cars All Over the World

1. European Ford Escort

European Ford Escort was introduced in 1968. It was immensely more prevalent compare to the American model. Though the production was discontinued in year 2000, it still remains to be the fifth record breaking car all over the world with surprisingly 20 million units sold.

2. Volkswagen Beetle

Venturing amidst the dangers of Germany war-time, the famous and the very unusual Volkswagen Beetle made known to the public in year 1938. But as much as we see it very often today, this car still continues to be manufactured and sold with over 23.5 million units worldwide notching up the fourth place of this list.

3. Volkswagen Golf

As popular and recognized as the beetle is, a car model of the same manufacturer introduced in 1974, the Volkswagen Golf overtakes to the third position of this race. This car model has obviously taken more of congestion charge contact as a humongous 27.5 million units has been sold.

4. Ford F-Series

From casual to unusual classic cars, it's time to get to know of the good old Ford F-Series, manufactured by Ford Motor Company in 1948. As the first pick-up car to be included in the list, this classic car claims the second place as it accumulated multitudes of followers vending up to 35 million trucks.

5. The Corolla

Here comes the king of popularity, this classic car model has travelled along the streets of the world. The Corolla, introduced by Toyota in 1966, has surpassed every car in terms of sales even to this time. As a line of subcompact and compact cars, the Toyota Corolla has been declared to be the number one best-selling car worldwide selling over 39 million units around the world.

Classic cars are the barometers for high-class individuals. It reflects what they can afford and screams their state of opulence. With the cars' sky-high prices, it is ironic that there are still classic models which sell more than the modern but inexpensive types. Classic cars have been a solid resource of revenues for countries and states as they have towering tax returns. That is why classic car collectors and sellers labor to search for these types as they ensure a significant amount of earnings whether they are still in good condition, needing minor repair or part replacement and/or massive overhauling. These amazing cars have never left the streets and even to this time have been continuously being developed and improved. These 5 best-selling classic cars will never be forgotten in the industry of transportation.

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