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Ford Maverick

Ford has produced some of the best modern era cars and many of them feature heavily on UK roads. Ford is a name nearly unparalleled in Western motoring, being the second biggest producer in the USA and the fifth biggest in Europe. The number of Ford’s being sold each year means that there is a constant flow of makes and editions diffusing down into the used car market.

Of the current Ford fleet it’s difficult to pick out a winner. The Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, S-Max, Fiesta and Ka have all been heaped with critical acclaim in their respective categories. Another classic Ford which can be found is the Ford Maverick, another car which is available on the used car market.

The Ka represents the smallest offering in Ford’s range. It has an air of quality greater than its opposing ‘City Car’ rivals, and is a highly sought after used car.
The internet has revolutionised the used car market and you will find a seemingly endless number of Ford’s available on sites like Autotrader. You can define searches in terms of attributes like proximity to your home, model, age and colour - to name but a few.

The larger Fords are the C-Max and the S-Max which run parallel to one another as two options of a highly similar car – the C-Max being smaller and the S-Max bigger. They have both enjoyed similar critical acclaim to the Ka, and the majority of motoring critics recommend them in the highest of terms.

The used car market is more competitive than ever due to the internet and its ability to search far more extensively than we could by travel or flicking through the classified ads. On typing ‘Ford’ into any used car search engine you will be presented with a mind boggling list of editions and specs. Narrow them down to a select shortlist and enjoy a discount price on one of Ford’s fine modern fleet.

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