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Cheap Auto Insurance
Whether you drive a minivan or a sports car, it's a safe bet that you want reliable,cheap auto insurance. One of the ways to ensure that your premiums are as low as they can be is to keep the cost of insurance in mind before you even buy a car.

Every year, various agencies come up with lists of the cheapest cars to insure. As of last fall, the following five vehicles were among the least expensive to insure, based on the statistics of a 40-year-old male driver, with a clean record, and assuming the autos in question were from the current model year.

They are:
  1. Chrysler Town and Country, with an annual premium of $1091.80
  2. Toyota Sienna, with an annual premium of $1,100.66 for the base model and $1,107.70 for the LE.
  3. Honda Odyssey LX, with an annual premium of $1,114.62
  4. Nissan Murano SL, with an annual premium of $1,127.89
  5. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, with an annual premium of $1,131.27
What makes these - or any - cars less expensive than others to insure? There are a variety of factors, including:
  • Safety features like traction control, stability control, extra airbags, and back-up camera systems.
  • Anti-theft features, like GPS locators, LoJack, alarms, and engine immobilizers.
  • Engine size: Bigger engines translate into riskier driving behavior most of the time.
  • Cost of the vehicle: Generally speaking, lower cost vehicles also cost less to insure.
  • Level of customization: The closer your vehicle is to a base or standard model, the less money you'll pay on insurance.
  • What if you already have your dream car? You can still save money on auto insurance by adding anti-theft devices, maintaining a clean driving record, and asking your existing insurance company for discounts based on loyalty, remaining accident-free, or even having a second car or a home insured with the same company.

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