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The auto manufacturer Porsche has just unveiled its new and revamped 911 sports car at a value of 88,000 euro. This new vehicle is hoped to make up for the declining sales of the classic Porsche model which has always been its bestseller until recently. Porsche has always been known for its two-seat high performance vehicles and this one certainly lives up to expectations.

The company, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has been selling more Porsche Cayenne Sport-utility vehicles and Porsche Panamera sedans recently, rather than its Porsche Boxster sports-cars. This has brought on a major overhaul for Porsche, which is the first one since the year 2004. In 2013, Porsche also expects to add a type of compact SUV to its range.

Some auto experts commented that Porsche has always had bigger success with its chunkier models of vehicles. Ferrari is also moving along without delay with newer vehicles and developments, so it was time that Porsche came along with something new and sporty as well. The 911 sports car is coming just at the right time to ensure that Porsche remains relevant in these ever changing times.

The 350 horsepower 911 sports car was introduced and advertised at the Frankfurt Car Show in an attempt to emphasis the growth that Porsche will be making in the future. Volkswagen has been pressing on to become the sales leader for the industry with its new city vehicle. Daimler AG is following Volkswagen closely with its line of small cars which will soon be launched.

The new seventh generation Porsche 911 has a 289 kilometer per hour top speed and can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. The vehicle will be powerful while at the same time, weighing 45 kilograms less than the previous sports car by Porsche. This is largely because the body work is made mostly from aluminum which also serves to make the car more fuel efficient, with 16% less fuel needed than the previous version
The line of 911 sports cars by Porsche has been leading the way for nearly 50 years now, so it was important that Porsche developed a new version to keep itself at the head of the game. The sales of the previous 911 sports model have begun to decline by 13% as consumers are eagerly waiting for the new and improved model to be released.
So far Porsche has sold over 700,000 911 sports cars in the space of six generations, since the year 1963 when the line of vehicles was born.

The 911 has always been a popular line, and one of its vehicles was driven in the movie Le Mans, with the actor Steve McQueen, which doubtlessly also helped its popularity to grow. The 911 model of sports car also can in fifth place at the Car of the Century awards in 1999.

Preorders for the new 911 Porsche have been very high and Porsche expects to sell over 30,000 of its new vehicle in the coming year. The company is planning a convertible as the next step in the popular 911 sports car line.

source: auto-types

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