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bike storage
Transporting materials with a personal vehicle is something that most drivers have to deal with at some point, but the type of materials being transported, as well as the type of vehicle you own, will determine the type of storage equipment you’ll need. If you have a car, for instance, you may have to utilize many different forms of applicable vehicle storage technology, as the interior space available in your car or in its trunk may not be enough to fit what you need to bring along.

Trucks and SUVs both have more possible storage space, but even these vehicle types don’t have unlimited capacities to handle material transport. Below, we’ll go over different types of storage upgrades you can apply to each of the following vehicle types: cars, trucks, and SUVs.

For Cars
Drivers of passenger cars have limited space to work with, and often need the most help with finding available storage space. For the ability to transport large materials, small furniture, and extra luggage, a roof rack can be tremendously helpful. It’s like adding a whole extra compartment to the car, and it prevents passengers from having to keep suitcases on their laps over long trips. If you plan on bringing bicycles along on your travels as well, consider using a bike carrier. Aftermarket bike carriers make it so you can stack bikes in a safe fashion outside the vehicle, as most passenger cars are lucky to be able to fit even one bike inside.

For Trucks
Pickup truck drivers have it easy with their trucks’ beds in the back. With such a large, open space available for storage, pickup trucks can carry more than their fair share of equipment. Since you don’t have to worry about ripping up interior upholstery either, you can even store many types of items that you wouldn’t want to bring inside the truck with you. Though the truck bed is a huge help, there are limits. The interior space is small, so if you are travelling through areas where you need to keep your transported materials waterproof, you may not be able to fit everything inside. Truck bed covers can help seal out the elements, and are among the most useful pieces of equipment a truck driver can pick up and use.

For SUVs
SUV drivers seem to have the best of both worlds: lots of storage space, all of it is inside the vehicle. In many modern SUVs, however, that potential storage space is filled with extra seating. In order to fit everything you need to inside, you may have to remove said sets, but that can be a pain to deal with, and, if you have lots of passengers coming along, may not even be an option. For SUV owners, roof storage compartments are great add-ons to consider. SUVs can carry larger roof storage systems, and these larger versions can store much more than their smaller counterparts for cars. Best part? You can take lots of passengers along, and probably still find room for everyone’s stuff somewhere when using a roof storage system on an SUV.

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