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 Lexus LFA
For her 30th birthday, Paris Hilton received a little nice gift from boyfriend Cy Waits: a yellow $375,000 Lexus LFA sports car. There’s something about Paris that makes everyone want to give her a car.

That was then, but looks like Paris Hilton has confirmed news that’s been bubbling for a few days: She and Cy Waits have split.

“We’re not together anymore. I love him, and we remain really good friends … ,” Hilton told George Lopez on Tuesday, adding, “I feel like the relationship ran its course, and we’ll see what happens.”

Now, we’re not sure if she actually gave the LFA back to her ex-boyfriend or traded it in for a new one (most probably not), but it looks like of the 500 LFAs destined for production, two of them have already been driven by Paris.

Why? Because last week, Paris Hilton was caught by photographers driving a white Lexus LFA on the highway in Malibu, Los Angeles, California.

We remind you that she received the pink Bentley from West Coast Customs a couple of years ago.

 Lexus LFA

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