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Bugatti £1.4m sports car

If you are lucky enough to win this Friday's EuroMillions jackpot, which is estimated to be £136million, you might - at a push - be able to justify splashing out on this £1.4 million special edition Bugatti Veyron.

The high-end French automobile manufacturers, which celebrated its centenary two years ago, today unveiled its 16.4 Grand Sport 'L'Or Blanc' in Berlin.

The elegant car, complete with porcelain fittings, has revved up petrol heads, most of whom can only dream of sitting in the super-car.

Scroll down to see a video of the one-off Grand Sport 'L'Or Blanc'

Bugatti £1.4m sports car

The car premièred outside the Koenigliche-Porzellan-Manufaktur plant and was produced to celebrate KPM's partnership with Bugatti

The 'white gold' car was produced to mark the start of a partnership between the Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPM) and Bugatti.

And it is the first car to use the porcelain - more commonly used to build lavatories - on the interior and exterior of a motor vehicle.

The one-off car's world première took place this afternoon outside the KPM workshop in the German capital.

And the designers believed that Ettore Bugatti, Italian-born, French naturalised founder of the company who died in 1947 aged 65, would approve, were he still behind the steering wheel.

Unique: The car, with porcelain interior and exterior, is believed to be the first of its kind

'At first, this seemed to be an original idea of using porcelain in a car, especially in one of the fastest cars in the world,' said Dr Stefan Brungs, director of sales and marketing for Bugatti.

Bugatti £1.4m sports car

'But that's what Bugatti is synonymous with: the creation of exceptional ideas while striving to meet the quality and aesthetics.

'This allows us to continue to transfer and continue to us the skills of Ettore Bugatti, who, himself, liked to experiment with new materials.'

Jorg Woltmann, owner of the KPM, said that the idea for the partnership was inspired by Rembrandt Bugatti, the Italian sculptor who died in January 1916 and was known sculptures of wildlife subjects.

Mr Woltmann added: 'The impetus for this partnership comes from the elephants created by the renowned Rembrandt Bugatti.

'At first we wanted to integrate the sculpture of the elephant in our product, then we thought about the possibility of a full service and finally a synthesis of ideas led us to this exceptional Grand Sport.

'Now, we have created the fastest porcelain in the world.'

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