Monday, May 23, 2011

Aston Martin To Launch Lagonda Models

Aston Martin Lagonda
Aston Martin is preparing to launch ‘two or three’ new Lagonda models, CEO Ulrich Bez has confirmed to CAR Magazine.

Aston Martin is planning two full-fledged Lagonda crossovers – one that focuses on sport, and one more geared to all-terrain prowess, along the lines of the Audi Allroad, according to CAR.

The sporty Lagonda would likely use a low-riding chassis and larger 21-inch wheels, while the more traditional CUV would have more modest suspension and wheel fittings.
Without getting into details, one of the models will reportedly be a crossover that is based on the 2012 Mercedes M-Class.

These models will be aimed at a very different buyer to those you’d typically find in an Aston Martin dealership, one who lives in regions where it’s not possible to drive a low slung sports car every day.

‘Lagonda cannot survive as a one-model brand,’ Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez told CAR in an interview in the new June 2011 issue. ‘That´s why we are looking at two, maybe three different offerings. The most logical follow-up to the crossover is a high-end, high-visibility luxury saloon not unlike the angular Lagonda designed by William Towns which was not only very different because of its high-tech electronic dashboard.’

source: inautonews