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2011 lotus evora

Early last month, Lotus confirmed that its current range would come in for a number of updates before the new model line-up arrives.

This week, further details have emerged on the company's plans for the current range-topper, the Lotus Evora.

Placed alongside the British brand's new not-yet-released Esprit, Elan, Elise and Elite model line-up, the Evora looks like the simple and unambitious cousin from the country, despite being less than two years old.

Speaking with UK magazine Autocar, Lotus design boss Donato Coco - formerly of Ferrari - pulled no punches, describing the Evora's styling as "too weak."

"Even many economy cars look more aggressive," he added.

While the exterior will likely take on some of the styling elements previewed by the brand's upcoming models, the Evora's cabin is expected to benefit from a stronger focus on prestige quality, along with higher technology levels.

Powered by a Toyota-sourced 206kW 3.5 litre V6, the Evora arrived in Australia last January, and is priced from $139,990.

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