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Peugeot car

Peugeot did not used to produce electric cars. But the French car manufacturer is trying to prove if they are able to produce the fastest electric car. To prove Peugeot cars without gasoline was flown to China. Arriving in China, Peugeot gather about 200 people in Chengdu, China as a witness if the car is able to run at high speed.

There are two riders who tested the ability of electric EX1 Peugeot. They are the French adventurer Nicolas Vanier and blogger from China, Han Han. Peugeot EX1. The car was able to print a new record, although not yet officially in the world of electric cars. From point 0 to 100 km / hour, enough electricity EX1 Peugeot took 3.49 seconds as reported by Worldcarfans.

Han Han also record stunning in subsequent trials. X1 electric machine is very responsive. Han Han Peugeot EX1 get electricity to a distance of 1 / 8 mile time-consuming enough 7.0 seconds.

Peugeot EX1 built as a race car that only has a length of 1.77 meters and 0.90 meters high. The shape is very aerodynamic. To add a sense of enjoyment, Peugeot EX1 will adopt the 4WD on its feet. Not yet vividly described the specifications, but the Peugeot plans to use the structure of the double wishbone front suspension.

And the rear suspension using a swinging arm attached to Shock breaker so it can better absorb shock. For the recording of this record has been certified by the Chinese Auto Sports Federation. So this could be a world reference in the speed of electric vehicles as well as a result of technological advances.

source: coffeetoday

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