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Earlier in April this year, we aired news about a sketch which hinted towards an upcoming Chevrolet multi-purpose vehicle named Volt, which the company had soon after confirmed and suggested its launch date some time in 2011. Chevrolet
has now announced that the car, along with integrating a unique propulsion system, will also feature a brand new fuel economy label.

Depending on how the consumers use it, the car has the ability to operate completely gasoline and emissions-free for 25 to 50 miles and afterwards continue for an indefinite period with its range-extending engine. General Motors and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are reported to have collaborated to design a new label to aid customers in understanding what to expect when they steer the Volt.

Although electric cars are tailpipe emission free, they utilize energy for which the MPG equivalent (MPGe) is calculated by measuring electricity usage and converting it based on the energy content in a gallon of gasoline. Otherwise, determining fuel economy was comparatively ambiguous and could be narrowed down to dividing the distance by the amount of fuel consumed.

Utilizing electricity from the grid as well as gasoline from the pump, the new Chevy Volt balances both depending on drive distance and battery charging frequency. Boasting of more information than any EPA label before it, the car is reported to be a ‘complex vehicle that is incredibly easy to use’. With just a few weeks away from its launch, the Chevrolet Volt can be purchased for as low suggestive value as 32,780 USD.

source: autotantra

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