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Kia Picanto

What city car manufacturers strive for while blueprinting a new vehicles design, is how they can accommodate the utmost amount of features in the seemingly smaller space of the compact car. With fairly similar ambition, Kia has revealed first design sketches of its next generation city car the Picanto, which the company claims will bring ‘confidence, solidity and maturity’ to the A-segment.

Although city cars are widespread on European and Asian streets, the American market has yet to demonstrate such popularity as seen in the other two regions. Kia aims at redefining this segment in America with its newcomer Picanto. With increasing interest of consumers of this western continent in smaller and fuel efficient compact cars, the popularity graph of city cars is expected to eventually incline in this western sub-continent.

Finessed by Kia’s European design team based in Frankfurt, Germany, supervised by Peter Schreyer, the Chief Design Officer, the Picanto is announced to be exhibited at 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle is slated to arrive in the UK by late spring 2011.

source: autotantra

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