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mazda concept

Images of the 'Shinari' concept car from Mazda have been released detailing what could be the new four-door sports car that may look like a coupe but very much guarantees all the thrill of the sports car. A body shape alike to the highly sophisticated Mercedes-Benz CLS and the Jaguar XF, the new 'Shinari’ concept car is quite the tease.

Images released of the new Mazda concept car draw inspiration from the Transporter movies, with its sleek and playful styling and dominant Coupe profile including a gaping grille and a roof mainly made from glass. Outrageous inside, the new ‘Shinari’ concept car from Mazda features white bucket seats and slit like side mirrors, not for those that shy away from extravagance.

The defining characteristic of the Mazda 'Shinari' concept car has to be the angular grille that takes drivers away from the usual happy-face grille that is dominant on most Mazda models. Set to be a design leader taking Mazda into the unknown, it dares to be different and take chances with particularly muscular body panels and pinched headlights that command a menacing presence.

Although only in its design stages, the new Mazda 'Shinari' concept car is set to initiate variations in the Mazda car family tree and hopefully find its way into production in the coming years.

The new Mazda 'Shinari' concept car has drawn comparison as an extension of the Mazda RX-8 which has been extremely successful at Lifestyle Mazda in East and West Sussex thanks to its Zoom-Zoom performance and attractive good looks. Staff at Lifestyle Mazda is keen to see the 'Shinari' concept car in production and if it is anything like its predecessor, it is set for big things.

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source: prfire.co.uk

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