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Ferrari India
Company to open dealerships in Mumbai and New Delhi

Luca Di Montezemolo is looking at India rather seriously. According to BBC and sources close to BS Motoring, Ferrari is looking to open its first dealership in India in the next six to eight months.

Speaking to BBC News, Luca said that he is looking at opening a dealership here in India this year itself, though according to our sources that might be a little premature. What Ferrari will do, according to our sources, is open two dealerships in two of the largest metros in India, New Delhi and Mumbai with the latter most likely to be the first one. In Mumbai, the dealership will most likely be located in South Mumbai.

Ferrari is likely to appoint Tata Motors or a sub-division of Tata Motors as its sole Indian distributor and dealer. Ferrari had earlier hinted that any move into India would involve Tata Motors in one way or the other. With Ratan Tata on the board of Fiat Auto, this arrangement seems most likely and convenient. In fact Ratan Tata also drives the only known Ferrari California in existence in India.

Ferrari's entry into India comes at a time when other supercar manufacturers are making a beeline into India. Bugatti recently appointed its dealership cum distributor for India while Aston Martin too has appointed two dealers, both in Mumbai and New Delhi. A whole host of other supercar manufacturers too have shown interest in India and keep a close eye on BSMOTORING.COM to read about their developments in the coming days.

Ferrari manufactures road-going sportscars, supercars and grand tourers and sells in excess of 6500 units a year. Its model lineup includes the California, 458 Italia, the 599 GTB and the 612 Scaglietti.

source: bsmotoring

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