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Pininfarina unveiled their new prototype electric car today, called the Nido EV the car is designed to be a modular test bed for future electric vehicles. The Nido EV was designed at Pininfarina’s Style and Engineering Centre in Cambiano, Turin (Italy) and is designed to be a highly modular vehicle that can be re-jigged from a 2 door city car, to a 2+2 hatchback, into a light van and everything else in between.

The Nido EV features a 30Kw electric motor, a 21kWh battery system giving the car about a 87 mile (140 kilometer) range on a full charge. The little blue car can manage 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds (actually pretty good for the vehicle genre). With obvious similarities to the Smart Car and the Mitsubishi MiEV the Nido EV is clearly targeting the short range city mobility market.

This would probably be a perfect car for someone who either lives in a large city or within 50 miles of one, long range driving wouldn’t be an option but cars like the Nido EV would probably cover the overwhelming majority of most peoples day to day driving needs.

source: examiner

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