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Car manufacturers use the New York auto show to unveil their latest models and concept cars to American users. Computer applications have been included with cars for many years. The first such integration involved global positioning system devices. Microsoft’s Sync soon followed later.

When plugged into an outlet, an electric or hybrid car will become the single largest consumer of energy in a person’s home. Microsoft’s new utility to come with the electric Ford Focus will help owners of the car reduce the electricity costs by determining the best times of day to charge the vehicle. The maker of Microsoft Hohm hope it will also reduce the strain on power grids by letting the cars charge only when the demands for electricity are low.

Electric Cars Not Common Yet

The technology for electric cars has existed since the days of Thomas Edison, but the range has made fully electric cars somewhat impractical in the United States. The internal combustion engine allowed a car to go further and more cheaply than a pure electric car. Even hybrids, which can run on gas and electric power, only have an electric range of about 50 miles when running on electricity alone. Electric cars may become more common, but they do not dominate the market yet.

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