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Tata Motors of India has taken the initiative of launching an environment friendly car in the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment which is being displayed in the Geneva Auto Show. This variant of their recently launched Tata Nano will be called Tata Nano EV and will be exported from India to the European markets in another 30 months.

When launched, the car will help the company to expand their electric vehicles portfolio in a large way. In the words of the company Vice President Ravi Kant: “Electrification will be an integral part of Tata Motor’s initiative to launch environment-friendly vehicles. We will progressively introduce electric vehicles in all relevant markets.” This strategic move by the company makes sense not only environmentally, but also economically.

When launched, Tata Nano EV is expected to be the least expensive car in Europe with its price tentatively being tagged at under USD 10,000. The Nano EV which is inspired from Nano Europa will have a length of 3.29 metres and a width of 1.58 metres with a slightly longer wheel base than that of its predecessor at 2.28 metres.

In spite of being almost petite it is surprisingly spacious and provides excellent maneuverability. The Nano EV will be powered by a 3-cylinder sporty all aluminium MPFI engine combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission and electrically powered steering. The car might not accelerate to mind boggling speeds but promises to kiss the 100 kph mark while accelerating at a leisurely rate of 0 to 37 kph in just under 10 seconds. With its stylish interiors and technology which is the need of the hour, Tata EV promises a lot of goods and will safely don the mantle of Rock Star of low priced city cars.

source: nitrobahn

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