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The 2010 Infiniti G37 ranks 2 out of 15 Upscale Midsize Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 51 published reviews and test drives of the Infiniti G37, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

The 2010 Infiniti G37 is an extremely well-rounded car, balancing the comfort of a commuter and the athleticism of a performance car. It’s available as a refined sport sedan, an aggressive coupe or a gorgeous convertible. Reviewers note, however, that its extensive option list can make ordering a G37 an expensive proposition.

There are few more balanced cars than the Infiniti G37. It can be a refined entry-level luxury car, a comfortable place to spend a morning commute and an alternative to the Lexus ES. It can be a sharp-cornering sports car with a snarling V6 that, some reviewers say, makes a beautiful exhaust note and competes with the BMW 3-Series. It is available with high-tech cabin electronics that stack up to those found in an Acura TL. And it does it all with a sense of style, with aluminum trim textured to look like Japanese washi paper and cool blue lighting.

The G is available in three body styles, and each will appeal to a different sort of buyer. The G37 sedan is easy to live with as a family car, or for those who carpool. It offers rear quarters nearly as comfortable as those found in the Lexus ES, and an extraordinary optional stereo. The G37 coupe is more athletic, with balanced handling that, reviewers say, competes with the top of its class. The G37 convertible isn’t the sporty equal of the coupe – the added weight of its three-piece steel roof slows it down and makes it a bit looser in the corners – but reviewers say it is the prettiest hardtop convertible on the market.

Consumer Guide sums up its appeal well -- “The G37's performance, space, and available all-wheel drive make it an excellent alternative to rivals from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, especially with the addition of the hardtop convertible. These virtues, teamed with prices that undercut those rivals, make these Infinitis a must see in this category.”

In base form, the G37 is less expensive than some of its rivals. Shoppers may find, however, that a confusing list of options and packages can quickly inflate that price. Some of these options, like a navigation system with real-time traffic updates or a stereo that is a huge critical hit, may be worthwhile for some buyers. Others may not make sense for many. For instance, four-wheel-steering is available, but reviewers say the G37 is one of the tightest-handling cars in its class with its standard steering, so the upgrade may be a waste of money.

Those who need to travel with adults in the back seat, or with any amount of cargo, will want to concentrate their research on G37 sedans. Reviewers complain that the coupe and convertible editions have small backseats and limited storage, even when compared to other coupes and convertibles.

Both Coupe and Sedan models are available in a dizzying array of trims, including G37, G37 Journey, G37S Sport 6MT, and G37x AWD. Sport and Journey models come with a unique four-wheel active steering system that improves handling. The G37 Convertible comes in a single, rear-wheel drive trim.

source: usnews

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