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The Kepler Motion, developed by world record speed holder Russ Wicks’ Kepler Motors, was unveiled in Dubai earlier this month. It is a very hot-looking sports car which sports all-wheel drive dual powertrain technology, for a combined 800 hp.

Kepler says this power comes from “a 550 hp, modified Ford EcoBoost twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6 driving the rear wheels acting independently of a 250 hp electric motor driving the front wheels.” This system is said to push the Motion to 60 MPH in under 2.5 seconds, while also being capable of reaching a top speed of over 200 MPH.

The body of this car features “extensive use” of carbon fiber composite materials, and the manufacturer is said to have enlisted a crack team of employees to include “a number of leading edge technologies such as active suspension, active aerodynamics, launch control and a programmable track assistant system.” This hybrid sports car, which will be available in 2011, will be hand assembled, according to Kepler, and only 50 will be built. Price, you ask? Let’s put it to you this way: as the manufacturer says, “ownership will go to a small, exclusive and elite group of individuals.” Enough said.

source: earthtechling

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