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Mercedes-Benz is developing new technologies to boost the output of its compact four-cylinder engine range--the Diesotto being one of the most exciting prospects.

However, before then we’ll start to see simpler technologies like turbocharging and direct-injection filter across the entire Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Speaking with Edmunds, Mercedes-Benz R&D exec Dr. Thomas Weber revealed that a new family of engines will emerge from Mercedes-Benz starting late next year that will rely heavily on turbocharging and direct injection to deliver gains in power, efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Labeled “MoVe” for modular V-6 and V-8s, the engines will first appear in new versions of the CLS, facelifted R-Class and S-Class Coupe (renamed CL Coupe).

Weber revealed that all V-8 engines will be turbocharged by the 2011 model year. This includes the current 6.2-liter AMG unit, which will be replaced by a 5.5-liter twin-turbo version with direct injection. Non-AMG models will get smaller V-8 engines as well as turbocharged V-6 units. Importantly, most will be designed to integrate with hybrid drive systems.

source: motorauthority

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