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While no official release has announced pricing for the upcoming Ford Fiesta, the Ford consumer website today launched a configurator for the upcoming compact, complete with prices. At $13,995, the sedan is almost two grand cheaper than the five-door—which starts at $15,795—but we still don’t count that as a reason to get the frumpy-looking four-door over the shapely hatch. Options and accessories can push either past $20,000, with our personal bests being $23,245 for the hatch and $22,900 for the sedan.

Our reigning favorite in the sub-compact arena is the Honda Fit, which starts at $15,610 and can push a similar terminal sum when laden with dealer-installed options. The Fiesta offers much in return for pricing on par with the champ, though. There’s the standout styling—which can be accented with a number of adventurous but genuinely attractive color choices—and back-road behavior that even one-ups the Honda. It’s rare that a subcompact car like this gets many people excited, but we’re looking forward to more time with the Fiesta.

source: blog.caranddriver

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