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The new small car from Honda has been codenamed as 2CV which is especially being developed for the Indian market. The car is expected to be launched by end of 2011 or early 2012. The new Honda mini car will be manufactures in India and Thailand, but it is meant for India. It will be built in Thailand as well as a part of eco-project. The car will be placed below Honda Jazz in the small car segment A-category of cars in India.

Honda launched its premium small car Jazz earlier this year in June but the car failed to make up numbers for the company owing to its hefty price tag that Indian car buyers are not ready to pay a small car. now Honda is bring this small car especially for the Indian market to compete with upcoming small car model from Toyota and break the tough monopoly currently controlled by Suzuki.

The 2CV would be the first model from Honda that will be developed with India as a lead market. While Japan was the lead market for the Jazz, US was the lead market for the Accord and Civic and Thailand for City. Honda as well as auto industry experts expect the new model to generate number in India for the company.

source: cartradeindia

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