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On November 13 Ford announced it would offer up to 10 different versions of its upcoming new generation Ford Focus, one of the best-selling nameplates worldwide of all time.

The Focus has long been extremely popular in Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere, but the recipient of more than 13 "car of the year" awards in Europe and North America has never sold very well in the US, the where SUVs and pickup trucks dominate.

The best-selling car in the UK for 10 years is currently Ford's only compact car, and Ford appears to be playing to this strength. In its effort to make the Focus as broadly appealing as possible to its home base, the 2011 variant will reportedly offer up to 10 different model options in North America.

US-based website Autoblog offered their predictions of which versions of the Focus may finally come to Ford's home markets: the Focus C-Max CUV, Grand C-Max Minivan, three- and five-door hatchback (the most popular model in Europe), the Escape/Kuga SUV, the existing coupe, sedan and wagon and, of course, the promised Focus EV.

All of these versions are already available outside the US and Canada, except for the Focus EV, and will receive a new look by 2012 as part of the new Focus generation. The new Focus will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Just as much excitement surrounds the unveiling of the Ford Fiesta world car at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December; the manufacturer has hugely ambitious sales plans for the model for both the developed and undeveloped worlds.

The latest generation of the Ford Fiesta will add another "world car" to Ford's roster to go along with the Focus, proving that Ford is working on changing its lineup offering from inefficient, oversized automobiles to the economical compacts that are popular in the rest of the world.

source: independent

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