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As soon as I saw the new BMW 7-Series last spring, I knew there was a V12 engine lying in wait back in Munich. And while there was much discussion of a forthcoming hybrid version of the car. My queries regarding the V12 were dismissed with the phrase those of us who cover new car launches hear quite often.

"I'm sorry Lyndon, I'm not at liberty to discuss future product."

Which is supposed to mean maybe we will, maybe we won't...but knowing Mercedes has a 12 and Audi has a 12, there was no way BMW was going to let what is billed as "The Ultimate Driving Machine" put tire to autobahn without a 12 of its own.

And sure enough, at last week's Miami Auto Show, the V12 7-Series was shown to the world for the first time. Given I have yet to get behind the wheel of one, I can't really say a whole lot more about the car, however BMW, as you might expect has plenty to say.

source: examiner

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